Inert Balls

SINOCATA inert balls support media is utilized in petrochemical, refining and other chemical plants with an extensive range of bed support media, including ICB-17, ICB-23, ICB-35, ASB-90, ASB-99, ASB-995 inert balls etc, also provide customized design and toll manufacturing service for any fixed bed applications.

ICB Serial Inert Ceramic Balls are widely used as catalyst, adsorbent and desiccant bed support media in the variety of chemical industries. With a wide range of available sizes, the most consistent physical properties and a ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificated quality program, it is the a good choice in bed support media for catalyst, adsorbents, molecular sieve, and silica gel. The applied process include hydrotreating, hydrocracking, catalystic conversion, catalytic oxidation, 3A molecular sieves for dehydration, 4A molecular sieves for natural gas drying, or 5A molecular sieves for H2S and CO2 removal, desulfurization process, sulfur recovery units etc. ICB serial bed support media is reliable, worry-free choice for you.

ASB Serial Inert Alumina Balls are 99+% alpha alumina and a maximum of 0.2 wt% SiO2. The high purity alumina level makes ASB-99 inert alumina balls ideal for high-temperature catalytic reactors such as the secondary reformers in ammonia plants where leached silica might coat downstream equipment or poison the catalyst. The special material structure of ASB-99 inert alumina balls can avoid catalyst bed plugging in fixed-bed catalyst reactors. Also the low level of other impurities such as iron, titania and alkalis make ASB-99 inert alumina balls an excellent choice for supporting adsorbents used to purify reactive monomers such as ethylene, propylene and styrene.

  • High physical crush strength, the compression strength of the SINOCATA inert balls is significantly higher than that of comparable products due to the the specially developed manufacturing process. The compression strength of the 1” (25mm) balls exceeds 10KN and provides the customer with unsurpassed operational safety.
  • High thermal shock resistance, SINOCATA inert ball supports has excellent physical properties when exposed to thermal cycling. Poor quality spheres will break, chip or spall, which will result in worse process efficiency to increase the operating costs.
  • Will not plug bed or catalyst, which to optimize the process efficiency by keeping the pressure drop low and the catalyst activity high and will not contaminate, which can extend the catalyst’s active life and reducing operating costs.
  • Will not poison catalyst, the raw material are carefully selected, as well as the on-going checks during the processing and multiple final checks, means that undesirable catalyst poisons are ruled out. This is very important, since the catalyst poisons can reduce or eliminate the effect of the catalyst. SINOCATA support media are free of sulfur, boron and other common catalytic poisons. The manufactured support media have a leachable iron content of less than 0.1%. No catalyst poison to avoid plant shut downs, catalyst replacement and re-installation and more loss.

The processes in which the inert ball catalyst support is used, SINOCATA catalyst bed support media (inert balls) and other shapes can of course be used for other applications e.g. in high-temperature filtration for the separation of solid or liquid particles from hot exhaust gases.

  • Alkylation

  • Catalytic Reforming

  • Catalytic Cracking

  • Catalytic Conversion

  • Catalytic Oxidation

  • Dehydrogenation

  • Desulfurization

  • Hydrofining

  • Isomerisation

  • Powerforming

  • Thermal cracking

  • Any Other Fixed Bed Catalytics

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