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SINO CATALYST CO LIMITED(known as SINOCATA) was formed in may, 2011 as an unrivaled and innovative company in the field of industrial catalysis.

SINOCATA’s rising is based on the great developing of China’s economy, because of the huge consumption of fossil fuels to drive the world factory, China has to develop its own oil refinery and petrochemical technologies to meet the big energy consumption in the last decades, technologies has great developments, especially in oil refinery, petrochemical, natural gas, coal chemical etc, the related industrial catalyst and additives also got an fast developing in this period, SINOCATA united the best technology sources in catalysis by grouping the cleverest technical experts and famous R&D teams in the field to serve you.

Based on this, SINOCATA is a great and innovative platform to invite China’s best oil refinery & petrochemical technologies to you, also we have more than 200 innovative products in our portfolio for oil refinery like FCC, CCR, Hydrocraking, Hydroprocessing, Bed Grading, Syngas, Sulfur Recovery, Gas purification, Catalyst Bed Support etc, which maintaining high performance but lower cost structure than most famous competitors in the market.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

  • ISO 14001:2004 Certified.

  • OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified.

What We Can Do For You

Why Us

SINOCATA’s products are widely applied in the plants of China which replaced the imported products from Europe and US last decades, now the products also has been exported and accepted by the customers outside of China gradually because of the similar performance but lower cost, below is part of the consumers who is using our products & services.



SINOCATA is availabe for wide range technical services,our technical representatives can provide on-site services such as start up assistance, reduction,commissioning, loading & unloading supervision, and trouble shooting when operation,also provide prompt email or telephone advise service which is required by customers world wide.

SINOCATA unit the cleverest brains of China in catalytic, purification in oil refinery & petrochemicals. Our R&D resources are able to cooperate with you to design unique and niche products for your application which may be ignored by other large competitors,  SINOCATA is flexible and can response promptly to your to meet your unique requirements.

SINOCATA can response you quickly within 6 hours, and we are available 24/7 by email, fax, telephone.

Office: +86-799-666-0456
Fax: +86-799-666-9456
Mob: +86-137-0799-4715

Email: sales@sinocatalyst.com

SINOCATA operate the production plants based on People’s Republic of China know as the world factory with excellent advantages like human resources, chemical resources, technology resources, which are much cheaper than other areas of the world, that is the reason why we have lower cost structure.

SINOCATA always keeps large inventory for some products which are commonly used such as the Activated Alumina, Molecular Sieves, Active Carbon, Bed Grading Materials, Bed Support Medias. Also we can provide short delivery for most of the products in our portfolio to meet your time schedule.

SINOCATA can invite the most advanced Chinese technologies to you for oil refinery and petrochemicals, which can provide you the licenses for catalytic reforming, hydrotreating, FCC, MTBE, syngas, SRU etc. The service include basic to detailed design package with required equipment, catalyst, adsorbents recommended per customer.



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