Solid Phosphoric Acid Catalyst

The solid phosphoric acid catalyst have been proved that it is the only catalyst effective in many reactions involving olefins, particularly the polymerization of olefins to form high octane fuels. The solid phosphoric acid catalysts that have certain properties to provide a stronger, more active, and longer lasting catalyst.

The solid phosphoric acid catalysts are used in three major applications: poly gasoline, higher olefins (nonene and tetramer),and cumene.

SINOCATA offers the new generation of solid phosphoric acid catalyst which is composed by multi-acid, diatomite and boric acid, compared with the conventional SPAC catalyst, it provides higher catalytic activity, higher oligomer selectivity, higher compression strength which is more stable and has longer service life.


SPAC-102, Dia.5-6×5-15mm, Pellet, Bulk density: 980 – 1000KG/m3, which is widely used in poly gasoline, higher olefins (nonene and tetramer) and cumene.  SPAC-102 has higher catalytic activity and compression strength.

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