Zeolites are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as commercial adsorbents and catalysts. SINOCATA supplies wide ranges of zeolites for refinery and petrochemical industries, include Y zeolites, ZSM-5 zeolites, Beta zeolites. In addition to the standard materials, SINOCATA can develop customized Y zeolites for your specific application. Zeolite particle size, crystal size, crystal morphology, hydrophobic/hydrophilic character, exchange cation, surface/bulk characteristics and porosity may all be adjusted to your unique requirements. The ZSM-5 and Beta are available as powders, or in custom tablets, extruded pellets, spheres, rings and spray dried micro spheres.


NaY Zeolite, a kind of alkali silicon aluminate, is Y­type crystal sodium zeolite. It can adsorb molecules whose critical diameters are no greater than 10 angstrom. It is used for catalytic cracking catalysts preparation, drying dehydration, hydrogen desulfurization, the catalysts support, the purification of gases of oil refining and chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics and nuclear related industries.

Typical Specification
Crystallinity: 90% min
SiO2 / ­Al2O3 Ratio: 5.0 min
LOI (Loss on Ignition @ 800° C):  25% max

Zeolite ZSM-5 is an aluminosilicate zeolite belonging to the pentasil family of zeolites. Its chemical formula is NanAlnSi96–nO192·16H2O (0<n<27) which is widely used in the petroleum industry as a heterogeneous catalyst for hydrocarbon isomerization reactions. ZSM­5 Zeolite is produced from water glass and aluminum sulfate synthesis. Compared with organic synthesis ZSM­5 zeolite, it is stable, pollution free, water and high thermal stable. It is mainly used in diesel hydro dewaxing catalyst, fixed bed catalytic cracking catalysts and low hydrocarbon alkylation, isomerization, propylene production. ZSM­5 Zeolite is used in the production of Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalysts which is used in the process of oil catalytic cracking reaction.

Typical Specification
SiO2 / ­Al2O3 Ratio: 25 to full Silica
Crystallinity: 85% min
Surface area: 560 m2/g min
Na2O:  0.1wt % max

HY Zeolite is a kind of silicon aluminate whose framework contains hydrogen ion that replaces sodium containing in the framework of Y type zeolite. It is used in the production of Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalysts.

Typical Specification

Type 1
Crystallinity: 55% min
Surface area: 600m2/g min
Unit cell size: 24.60Å max
LOI (Loss on Ignition @ 800° C): 25% max
Na2O: 1.5wt% max

Type 2
Crystallinity: 80% min
Surface area: 630m2/g min
Unit cell size: 24.55­24.58Å
LOI (Loss on Ignition @ 800° C): 30% max
Na2O: 0.1wt% max

Rare ­earth Y Zeolite, short as REY Zeolite, is a kind of crystal zeolite whose framework contains rare earth metals. It is a kind of silicon aluminate whose framework contains rare earth. It is used in the production of Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalysts.

Typical Specification
RE2O3: 16% max
Surface area: 600m2/g min
LOI (Loss on Ignition @ 800° C): 25% max
Na2O: 2.0wt% max

Beta Zeolite is the only one structured with three ­dimensional 12­-membered ring channels among zeolite family. It is of high activity in hydrocracking and hydroisomerization catalyzing. It is capable of linear paraffin adsorption and anti-­poison with sulfur and nitrogen. It is used in petrochemical industrial for preparation of cumin by benzene and propylene alkylation, diisopropylbenzene by cumin disproportionation,methylbenzene isopropylation, arene alkylation, diisopropylbenzene transalkylation, propylene etherification, carbinol aromatization, propylene epoxide and alcohol etherification, phenol methylation, aminobenzene methylation, cumin and methylbenzene transalkylation, methylbenzene disproportionate. The application of Beta Zeolite and USY Zeolite brings octane number increase. In fine chemical industrial, Beta Zeolite is good with activity and selectivity in dewatering and deminizating.

Typical Specification
Form: Ammonium / Hydrogen
SiO2/­Al2O3 Ratio: 20­-30
Crystallinity: 90% min
Surface area: 500m2/g min
Na2O: 0.20% max
LOI( 550°C/2h): 25% max

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